Fresh Water and Sea Level Rise

Sink Hole in Big Pine Key, Fl.

Sink Hole in Big Pine Key, Fl.

Fresh Water and Sea Level Rise

By Carhil Medina and Daniel Uria

Florida’s wildlife faces great danger as sea levels continue to rise at an alarming rate. While steps are being taken to protect developed residential areas, much of Florida’s wildlife is being left to drown.

Nicholas Ogle, an environmental coordinator at Florida International University’s School of Environment, Arts & Society, believes Florida’s focus on barrier island cities, like Miami Beach, is part of the problem.

“We talk about Miami Beach, we talk about mounding it up so that sea level rise doesn’t come. But that ignores the fact that we get our freshwater resources from the Everglades,” Ogle said.

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Key Deer

“If you just let it be, yes, they’re going to go extinct…”

National Key Deer Refuge park ranger Kristie Killam explains the dire situation that sea level rise will create for one of the Florida Key’s most unique species.